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 At Pet's Place Salon, it is our mission to provide the best and most thorough dog grooming services available in a fun and loving environment.At our dog grooming shop all dogs get the works. There is just no other way to do it right. This includes:


  • Shampooing every dog TWICE,

  • cleaning ears

  • expressing anal glands

  • conditioning the coat

  • trimming and dremeling nails

  • drying and brushing each dog; removing mats if needed and tending to any sores or irritations we might find,

  • trimming pad hair

  • And then we groom (if required)


Not only do we perform all these tasks but simultaneously we are working on teaching your dog to stay calm, sit still and enjoy the process. We attempt to provide an enjoyable bath even while having to perform often unpleasant tasks like cleaning out ear infections and expressing anal glands. All that we do requires skill, technique and zen-like energy.





 Please call us to set your appointment.
Thank You all of our clients for your support and be safe.
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